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There is nothing like a fresh painting, getting your house / office painted brings in a fresh perspective and enrichens the atmosphere. However it is quite ardent as a task to find the right set of colors and also very gruesome to find the right set of people to get the job done. It is the standard today that when you speak to most of the guys they come out with some vague numbers and verbal quotes. And often these quotes are not personalized. Moreoever is the troubhle when you have to personally supervise the job to ensure that things are done just as you desire. After all it boils down to time which is critical and getting down to a supervise stuff, leaving your important job aside doesn't exactly sound like a great idea. This is exactly where Bandoo! comes in. We are the experts when it comes to painting services. With Bandoo's professional painting services we have taken care of hundreds of interior and exterior jobs till date. We provide painting services in a professional fashion with a proper quote and breakdown of exactly what you require with utmost transparency. All our workforce is completely background checked and we confirm things pretty much in advance so there are no hidden surprises for you. We care about your asset (home / office) and plan carefully to ensure that things fall in the right place and that the painting job is delivered professionally to you without any hassles. We also assist you finding the right set of colors that can add vibrance to your home / office. So what are you waiting for? Just order a Bandoo! to take care of your painting needs!

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"My tap was leaking constantly and it gave me sleepless nights. I didn't want to depend on plumbers as they promise but don't deliver. However, my friends told me about Bandoo plumbing services and thought why not give it a shot. To my surprise, they stopped my tap from leaking and I was very happy."


Team that arrived were very professional and did a very thorough job of cleaning my apartment. They went about doing their job without needing anything and neatly put back all the furniture. Great job overall Rahul

Mr. Rahul

Great service, you guys make life so simple! Good job...

Mr. Shet