Invitation Service

You have an event at your office and there are so many things to do. But one of the most important factor is inviting the guests and the list can be hectic. There are so many people to invite and so little time and ofcourse at times an email invite is not really the mode to go for since people often tend to miss out on Emails!

Personal invitation is the only way to go about it but so many people to invite and so little time! What to do!?!

Fear not, Bandoo! is here to help you with inviting your esteemed guests to your event and ensure a personal invite so there wont be left out or missed. Bandoo! will work with you to generate your invite list, get your invite printed and help you around with actually visiting your guests as your representative and inviting them for the event.

So you can now be rest assured that nobody is missed out and everyone gets a personal invitation for your event while you focus on preparation of the event.

Bandoo ensures cost efficient, reliable, time saver invitation services for you so you can concentrate on what is important!