Bandoo! Services

House Keeping Services from Bandoo!

House Keeping Services

Bandoo! provides efficient, cost effective and quality house keeping services. Bandoo has efficient team of house keeping experts! Houses can turn messy especially when you don't have the time for it. Honestly who does really have time these days?

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Delivery Services by Bandoo!

Delivery Services

World Class and fast delivery services by Bandoo! Do you have a package to be dropped off? Your friend has a birthday today and you really need to send a package across within today. You cant really get a holiday, what do you do?

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Corporate Errands by Bandoo!

Corporate Errands

Does your company need a helping hand from time to time? Get yourself a trusted Bandoo! who can do the job efficiently. There are probably a 1000 things to be done day to day basis. This can become tricky to track when it comes to hiring a lot of manpower.

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About Bandoo!

Bandoo Corporate Policy

We know how important it is to get hired help at an affordable cost without the hassles of long term employment.

Which is why we started Bandoo! in the first place. To ensure that you focus on your business and get your errands done on time in a reliable fashion.

About Bandoo!

Teamwork at Bandoo!

What makes us stand apart is our imppecable team work - a principle we strongly believe.

Here, At Bandoo! We rely on our strong abilities in working as a team to create a dynamic schedule to cater to your requirements efficiently and in a planned fashion. As Ken Blanchard said "None of us is as smart as all of us." We rely on our group knowledge and ability of our management team to schedule our tasks in a fashion that helps us reduce time lags.

About Bandoo!

Always On Time!

Time is money and that is what Bandoo! helps you achieve. Save your valuable time so that you can focus on the more important activities in your life that can yield more value to you.

At Bandoo! We focus on helping you save your time by taking care of monotonous tasks that are a mere hindrance in your business or specialization of work. Whether it is picking up stuff or delivering stuff. Whether it is getting your car or vehicle serviced and hey what about those nasty little cleaning up issues after party? We can help you all, so you can enjoy your life and stay focussed on more important and prioritized tasks.

About Bandoo!

Confidence with Bandoo!

We have saved countless number of hours for people who have trusted us and still do that today. People trust us with their assets and we treat them as if they are our own and take care of them.

Would you give your car which costs in Lakhs to someone unknown without fear? Probably not! But with professional services from Bandoo! that is the entire catch. We are professionals and we value your time and assets. We take terrific care and pay attention to detail to ensure that your job is done in a timely fashion and with all the quality it deserves.